Don't Drop Your Credit Scores Before Purchasing A Home!

We review your credit report with you first and make recommendations before you do anything (We also help clients raise their scores.)


Go home shopping before getting an "Early Approval" from us first.

Get hard credit checks from different banks!

Payoff any collections (including medical collections)

Close-out any paid accounts

Charge more on credit cards increasing balances

Pay down or payoff any debts 

Finance car 

Obtain new loan

Co-sign loan for child 

Apply for OR get new credit card

Purchase new home furniture or appliances on 90 days credit

Get involved in a lawsuit

Get a judgement 

Get wages garnished

Get a IRS tax lien

Change job or career

Change from hourly job OR salary job into self-employed OR commissioned employee

Change your legal name

Discard needed paperwork including: Tax Returns, W2s, paystubs, bank statements, retirement/investment statements, home insurance documents, social security cards, drivers licenses, etc.


Move from existing home before refinancing as Owner-Occupied residence

Turn home into rental property

AirBnB your home into rental property

Any of these items could result in loan denial or complications, call us first!